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"Workshop to discuss the Aqua MODIS Cold Focal Plane Assembly (CFPA) temperature control", April 25, 2012 1-3 PM (EDT) via webex/telecon.
For futher details, please contact Brian Wenny.

The MODIS Science Team Meeting will be held in Silverspring, MD on May 7-9, 2012. The following link provides the registration details.

Non-recoverable data loss for Aqua due to contact/playback errors.

2012/048 02:23:25 - 02:23:36 (02/17/12)

Terra’s MODIS Roll #114 was completed successfully. The low fidelity times for the maneuver 42/20:45:00-22:25:16

Saturday, February 13, 2012
Lunar Roll Maneuver (-14.7483 degrees)
2012/042 21:54:16 ATC MOD_OA04_FR_NIGHT_RATE.1 (03:23 early)
2012/042 22:02:22-22:09:08 ATC MOD_OA08_ROLL_MAN.3
2012/042 22:50:18 ATC MOD_OA03_FR_DAY_RATE.2 (03:23 late)

The reflective solar bands (RSB) of Terra MODIS have experienced relatively large degradation in recent years. The current calibration algorithm used in deriving the Collection 5 LUTS does not completely capture and correct for this degradation, which is both wavelength and angle-of-incidence dependent. Science data products that utilize the shorter wavelength bands, especially Bands 8 (412 nm), 9 (443 nm) 3 (469 nm), 1 (646 nm), and 2 (856 nm) can expect to see an observable impact on data quality.

MODIS Characterization Support Team

The MODIS Characterization Support Team (MCST) is dedicated to the production of a high quality MODIS calibration product. This product is a precursor to every geophysical science product. MCST works for the Science Team Leader and is responsible for developing and maintaining the calibration product (L1B algorithm).

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Collection 6 has been under development for a number of years. MCST, in consultation with representatives of the science disciplines, developed improvements to the calibration algorithms and methodolgies to handle known issues with the aging MODIS sensors. Summary talks of the proposed Collection 6 changes have been delivered at the MODIS science team meetings over the last few years.


Current L1B LUT Versions:

Terra C6:; Terra C6.1:; Aqua C6:; Aqua C6.1:

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