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Band 27 anomalous band width, anomalous gain


The linear gain for Band 27 was observed to be changing on orbit in July 2000.

Impact to L1B data set

The radiance values for Band 27 were found to be inaccurate by an amount that increased nearly linearly over time from day 48 to day 162, 2000, reaching a 2.5% error.

Estimated impact to L2 science products

The brightness temperature effect is always less than 0.3K. Band 27 is used primarily for determining the cloud mask, but other bands could be used. If viewing large-scale spectral sructures such as atmospheric lines, investigatorsshould contact MCST to obtain the relative spectral response time dependence.

Cause of Effect

The short-wavelength side of the band pass filter is influenced by the dielectric coating on the window of the intermediate-stage of the radiative cooler. Beginning on day 48, the temperature of intermediate stage cooler window began to increase. This resulted in an increase the bandwidth, which in turn appeared as an increase in Band 27 gain in the Level 1B algorithm.

Mitigation Approach/ Added Testing to Characterize Effect

The Band 27 bandwidth has been more stable following the cooler outgas cycle in August 2000. A correction to bandwidth based on cooler window temperature is under consideration for installation into the L1B production algorithm.

Estimated Schedule to Complete


History of Characteristic

EpochNumber Time Span Version Number atstart of epoch General Characteristics Improvements Documentation
1 Feb. 24, 2000 - June 28, 20002000055.1550 - 2000180.1900 FPA temperature is controlled. Not applicable.  
2 June 28, 2000 - July 12, 20002000180.1900 - 2000194.1440 RSR changed as temperature control of FPA is lost. FPA floating full orbit.    
3 July 12, 2000 - Aug. 3, 20002000194.1440 - 2000216.2004 RSR changed as temperature control of FPA is lost. FPA floating full orbit. New B27 gains set. MCST Library M0915, July 25, 2000.
4 Aug. 3, 2000 -Aug. 5, 20002000216.2004 - 2000218.2206 FPA temperature contol re-established.    
5 Aug. 8, 2000 - Aug. 12, 20002000221.1755 - 2000225.2046 Not applicable Cooler outgas sequence    
6 Aug. 18, 2000 - present2000231.1640 - present FPA temperature is controlled.