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MCST Mission Statement

MCST is dedicated to the production of a high quality MODIS calibration product. This product is a precursor to every geophysical science product. MCST works for the Science Team Leader and is responsible for developing and maintaining the calibration product (L1B algorithm), and performing flight operations and Instrument Systems Manager support.

The L1B software converts the raw instrument data into calibrated physical units. MCST is responsible for developing the physical basis for sensor calibration. MCST developed the L1B algorithm and all parameters necessary to run the code, and develops the quality assurance and verification of L1B product enhancements.

The MCST flight operations team supports MODIS operations on orbit through command and control of the instrument. Responsibilities include developing MODIS operations scenarios, creating the operations database, monitoring instrument health and safety, and operating the MODIS on-orbit.

MCST supports instrument development by providing sensor physics and calibration expertise for assessing instrument design concepts, development, and tests. MCST was responsible for interpreting science requirements to the instrument builder, reviewing MODIS designs, test plans, test results, and data analysis, supporting reviews, addressing calibration issues, and generating parameters required by the Science Team