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Band 21(detector 1, product order) and Band 24(detector 1, product order) striping


Earth scene data show striping in these detectors.Band 21 (detector 1, product order) and Band 24 (detector 1, product order) striping

Impact to L1B Data Set


Estimated Impact to L2 Science Products


Cause of Effect

SRCA data indicates the cause of this effect is cross-talk from Band 20 to Band 21, detector 1 and from Band 26 to Band 24, detector 1.

Mitigation Approach/ Added Testing to Characterize Effect

Crosstalk coefficients derived from SRCA test data provide the basis for a cross-talk reduction algorithm (only a linear correction is applied for TEB).

Estimated Schedule to Complete

October 2001.

History of Characteristic

Time SpanVersion Number at
start of epoch
General CharacteristicsImprovementsDocumentation
1Feb. 24, 2000 - present
2000055.1550 - present are visible in Bands 21 and 24.Crosstalk coefficients should become available soon.