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L1B Code History

Here you can find the code history files for MODIS/AQUA and MODIS/TERRA. The history files include code changes to calibration code written for MODIS/AQUA and MODIS/TERRA respectively and also changes made to common MODIS/TERRA/AQUA code predating the split in code application made in February 2002. The history file for MODIS/AQUA does not include changes made to MODIS/TERRA-specific code after February 2002. The same applies to the history file for MODIS/TERRA which does not include changes made to MODIS/AQUA-specific code after February 2002. Most code changes to MOD_PR02 do in fact apply to both MODIS/TERRA and MODIS/AQUA. Changes which are satellite platform-specific are noted in the narrative. The files show the following:

  • What was changed in the PGE
  • Why was it changed
  • How the output product will be affected by the change
  • The date of the change.