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L1B Data Inputs/Outputs


  • Uncalibrated DNs, metadata, etc. from PGE01
  • Geolocation file from PGE01
  • Reflective Solar Bands Lookup Tables
  • Thermal Emissive Bands Lookup Tables
  • Quality Assurance Lookup Tables


  • Earth-view data: Corrected digital signals for reflected solar bands,and coefficients to convert them to radiances and reflectances and radiances for thermal emissive bands. Separate output files are written for:
    • 250m resolution bands
    • 500m resolution bands (with 250m bands aggregated to 500m)
    • 1km resolution bands (with 250m and 500m bands aggregated to 1km).
  • On-board cal (OBC) Raw Data for
    • Black-body (BB)
    • space-view (SV)
    • spectroradiometric calibration assembly (SRCA)
    • solar diffuser (SD)
    • engineering data
    • metadata needed to support analysis of calibration sector data.

Data Interfaces

L1B Data Interfaces

Top Level Arquitecture

The architecture of this system has been developed to accommodate the evolution of the calibration algorithm which is taking place as MCST’s understanding of the instrument grows, and as changes occur in the instrument’s performance on-orbit. The software design also accommodates corrections determined from external sources of data such as other satellite instruments, airborne sensors, and ground based instrumentation.

Flow chart to Illustrate Top-level Architecture

Flow chart to Illustrate Top Level Arquitecture