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Aqua MODIS Electronic Crosstalk on SMWIR Bands 20 to 26

TitleAqua MODIS Electronic Crosstalk on SMWIR Bands 20 to 26
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsKeller, G. R., Z. Wang, A. Wu, and X. Xiong
ProceedingsIEEE 2017 International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium
MCST ConferenceIGARSS 2017
KeywordsAqua; artifact; crosstalk; MODIS

Aqua MODIS Moon images obtained with bands 20 to 26
(3.66 – 4.55 and 1.36 – 1.39 μm) during scheduled lunar
events show evidence of electronic crosstalk contamination
of the response of detector 1. In this work, we determined
the sending bands for each receiving band. We found that the
contaminating signal originates, in all cases, from the detec-
tor 10 of the corresponding sending band and that the signals
registered by the receiving and sending detectors are always
read out in immediate sequence. We used the lunar images to
derive the crosstalk coefficients, which were then applied in
the correction of electronic crosstalk striping artifacts present
in L1B images, successfully restoring product quality.