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High Saturation Brightness Temperature in the Sea Surface Temperature


The brightness temperature for each resolution unit (DN) is twice as large as anticipated.

Impact to L1B Data Set


Estimated Impact to L2 Science Products

This data characteristic causes a complication in optimization of the Terra SST product.

Cause of Effect

Bands 31 and 32 have application to both surface temperature and fire detection studies. The MODIS Science Team expected that the Bands 31 and 32 would need dual electronic gains. However, Santa Barbara Research Group was able to meet all specifications with a single gain.

Mitigation Approach/ Added Testing to Characterize Effect

In LUT V2.4.3.1, the L_max values for bands 31 and 32 were increased to correspond to a saturation temperature of about 388K.

Estimated Schedule to Complete


History of Characteristic

EpochNumber Time Span Version Number atstart of epoch General Characteristics Improvements Documentation
1 Feb. 24, 2000 - August 5, 20002000055.1550 - 2000218.2206      
2 Aug. 18, 2000 - present2000231.1640 - present   More data available after L_max values were increased.