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Mission Operations Days: 2001/125 to 2001/131
May 05, 2001 00:00:00 GMT to May 11, 2001 00:00:00 GMT

Terra Spacecraft and MODIS Instrument Status:

Terra (AM-1) is in Normal Ops Mode
MODIS is in Science Mode - B Side
BlackbodyA Off; B On (290 K)Nominal
Calibration ElectronicsA Off; B OnNominal
Control ProcessorA Off; B OnNominal
Nadir DoorUnlatched, OpenNominal
Space View DoorUnlatched, OpenNominal
Solar Diffuser DoorUnlatched, ClosedNominal
FDDI FormatterA Off; B OnNominal
FDDI PortA On; B OffNominal
FIFO Memory#1 & #2 Off; #3 & #4 OnNominal
Format ProcessorA Off; B OnNominal
Power Supplies#1 Off; #2 OnNominal
PV VIS FPAA Off; B OnNominal
PV NIR FPAA Off; B OnNominal
PV SMIR FPAA Off; B OnNominal
PV LWIR FPAA Off; B OnNominal
PC LWIR FPAA Off; B OnNominal
RC Outgas HeatersAll Off (CS, IS, OS)Nominal
RC LWIR FPA HeaterOn (83 K)Nominal
RC SMIR FPA HeaterOffNominal
Scan AssemblyA Off; B OnNominal
SDSMA Off; B OffNominal
SRCAA Off; B OffNominal
PS1 Survival HeaterEnabledNominal
PS2 Survival HeaterEnabledNominal
Timing GeneratorA Off; B OnNominal
Flight SoftwareRev BD + 2 set of patches
  • FR Error Counting and Statistics (2 patches)
  • FR Band 5 Gain Change (20 commands)
Inhibit Ids SetNoneNominal
TMONs Enabled68Nominal

This Week's Completed MODIS Activities:

Saturday, May 05, 2001


Sunday, May 06, 2001


Monday, May 07, 2001


Tuesday, May 08, 2001


Wednesday, May 09, 2001

2001/129 15:24:44-15:36:12 ATC OA15: SD/SDSM Open
2001/129 16:15:59-16:49:32 ATC OA19: SRCA Full Radiometric
2001/129 17:03:37-17:15:05 ATC OA16: SD/SDSM Screened

Thursday, May 10, 2001


Friday, May 11, 2001

2001/131 16:03:50-17:01:30 ATC OA23: SRCA Full Spatial

This Week's Scheduled MODIS Activities Not Completed:


Upcoming MODIS Events:

Saturday, May 12, 2001


Sunday, May 13, 2001


Monday, May 14, 2001


Tuesday, May 15, 2001


Wednesday, May 16, 2001


Thursday, May 17, 2001


Friday, May 18, 2001



The Drag Make Up Maneuver occurred as scheduled on Wednesday, May 8, 2001 (OPS DOY 2001/128). Time of the maneuver was 20:20:30 with an 18 second duration. The loss and re- acquisition of pointing accuracy period is 18:50:30-21:50:30.

There will be no MODIS Lunar Roll Maneuver in May because the roll angle would have been too great (more than 20-degree roll required). The next attempt for a roll maneuver will be June.

The next MODIS Lunar Roll Maneuver is scheduled for June 10, 2001. Center time of the roll is currently set at 23:10:40 for a roll of -20.0293 degrees.

MODIS Anomalies:


General Instrument Comments:

MODIS is in Science Mode on the B-side with the SVD and NAD open, operating with the Formatter Resolution Flight Software Patches (FRFSP).

MODIS Telemetry Trends:

Telemetry is trending nominally.

Non-MODIS Significant Events:

MISR Anomaly:

MISR went to Safe Mode at 2001/125-00:07:14 while attempting to move their Goniometer. The MISR IOT executed several procedures trying to move the Goniometer to +58 degrees. This position exceeded a software range of +40 degrees causing the computer to stop the Goniometer after 25 seconds. The instrument was in Global Mode at the time and all of the additional processing caused an overload of the computer putting MISR in Survival Mode.

After determining no harm had been caused to the instrument, MISR's PROM was reset on DOY 128. MISR's Flight Software was reloaded on DOY 130. As of approximately 2001/131-10:00, MISR has returned to nominal operations.

MOPITT Anomaly:

MOPITT's Displacement Side B position went Red (at 2001/127-04:07) during a Real-Time contact on DOY 127. The Flight Controllers sent the Red Limit Response procedure to Safe the Instrument (at 2001/127-04:18).

After analyzing telemetry history, the MOPITT team has determined the event was not critical. MOPITT has been commanded into its Standby Mode. The MOPITT IOT plans to transition out of Standby to Science Mode sometime next week pending final analysis verification.

Limited Life Item Status:

SRCA 10W Lamp #1: 186.0 of 500 hours
SRCA 10W Lamp #2: 142.9 of 500 hours
SRCA 10W Lamp #3: 152.1 of 500 hours
SRCA 10W Lamp #4: 61.5 of 500 hours

SRCA 1W Lamp #1: 557.5 of 4000 hours
SRCA 1W Lamp #2: 276.3 of 4000 hours

Solar Diffuser Door: 1609 of 3022 Movements
Nadir Aperture Door: 532 of 1316 Movements
Space View Door: 437 of 1316 Movements