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Mission Operations Days: 2011/064 through 2011/070
March 05, 2011 20:00:00 GMT to March 11, 2011 20:00:00 GMT

Terra Spacecraft and MODIS Instrument Status:

AM-1 "Terra" is in Normal Mode
PFM MODIS is in A-Side Nominal Science Mode
(Cross Strapped with FR B)
BlackbodyA On (290K); B OffNominal Science Mode
Calibration ElectronicsA On; B OffNominal Science Mode
Control ProcessorA On; B OffNominal Science Mode
Nadir DoorUnlatched, OpenNominal Science Mode
Space View DoorUnlatched, OpenNominal Science Mode
Solar Diffuser DoorUnlatched, ScreenedPermanent Configuration
FDDI FormatterA On; B OffNominal Science Mode
FDDI PortA On; B OffNominal Science Mode
FIFO Memory#1 & #2 On; #3 & #4 OffNominal Science Mode
Format ProcessorA Off; B OnNominal Science Mode
Power Supplies#1 On, #2 OffNominal Science Mode
PV VIS FPAA On; B OffNominal Science Mode
PV NIR FPAA On; B OffNominal Science Mode
PV SMIR FPAA On; B OffNominal Science Mode
PV LWIR FPAA On; B OffNominal Science Mode
PC LWIR FPAA On; B OffNominal Science Mode
RC Outgas HeatersAll 3 (CS, IS, OS) OffNominal Science Mode
RC LWIR FPA HeaterOn (83K)Nominal Science Mode
RC SMIR FPA HeaterOffNominal Science Mode
Scan AssemblyA On; B OffNominal Science Mode
SDSMOffNominal Science Mode
  • 10W Lamps - 1, 4 (functional)
  • 10W Lamps - 2, 3 (non-functional)
  • 1W Lamps - 1, 2 (functional)
Nominal Science Mode
PS1 Survival HeaterEnabledNominal Science Mode
PS2 Survival HeaterEnabledNominal Science Mode
Timing GeneratorA On; B OffNominal Science Mode
Flight SoftwareRev BD + 11 sets of patches
  • CP07 to Survival Mode - No SDD to closed command (1 patch)
  • CP07 to Safe Mode - No FR OFF Command (1 patch)
  • CP07 to Safe Mode - No SDD to closed command (1 patch)
  • CP07 to Science Mode - Turn on FRB instead of FRA (1 patch)
  • CP07 to Outgas and Science Mode - Turn on FRB instead of FRA (1 patch)
  • FR Error Counting and Statistics (2 patches)
  • FR 1000ms time code patches (3 patches)
  • FR Band 5 Gain Change (20 commands)
  • FR BB Ideal Output Values (1 patch)
  • FR A EEPROM KME Fast 1 word patch (1 patch)
  • FR B EEPROM KME Fast 1 word patch (1 patch)
Nominal Science Mode
Inhibit Ids SetnoneNominal Science Mode
TMON 66DisabledNominal Science Mode
TMON 67DisabledNominal Science Mode
TMON 68EnabledNominal Science Mode
TMON 69DisabledNominal Science Mode

This Week's Completed MODIS Activities:

Saturday, March 05, 2011


Sunday, March 06, 2011


Monday, March 07, 2011


Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Thursday, March 10, 2011


Friday, March 11, 2011


This Week's Scheduled MODIS Activities Not Completed:


This Month's Upcoming MODIS Events:

Calibrations for March will include two SDSMs Screened (DOY 060, DOY 081), and an SRCA Radiometric (DOY 087).



MODIS Anomalies:


General Instrument Comments:

MODIS is in Science Mode, using all A-side components, but cross-strapped to Formatter B, with the blackbody maintained at 290K and the Solar Diffuser Door at the Screened position.

MODIS Telemetry Trends:

Nominal telemetry trending is ongoing.

Non-MODIS Significant Events:

The EMOS mission status webpage (which includes instrument data loss records) can be found at the following URL. Note that a password is now required to access the EOS mission links web pages. There are directions at the URL below for how to obtain a username/password.

Following the Inclination Maneuver on DOY 286 (10/13/09), Terra experienced a Hex Bay Battery (BBAT) cell #50 failure and simultaneously (or close to same time) experienced a Battery Heater Control Electronic anomaly which prevents controlling the temperature for 5 of the 9 heater groups within BBAT. Cell #50 has failed and is non-recoverable. Battery temperatures have stabilized and battery cell temperatures are within an acceptable range. Terra has a robust power system with two 54 cell batteries that feed a power control system that maintains a stable 120V spacecraft power bus even if multiple cells fail. Terra is capable of continuing nominal operations with multiple cell failures. Science data acquisition has remained nominal throughout the anomaly and troubleshooting timeframe. Information will be updated periodically.

At this point in time the Terra Battery Anomaly is not affecting science data collection and all MODIS systems are nominal. There has been little if any impact to operations since the issue began. All operations are nominal.

Due to a White Sands equipment issue, two TDRS 171 contacts failed on DOY 064 (03/05/11), one at 064/15:13:08, the other at 064/16:47:22. We could not perform the planned Science playbacks for these contacts. Correct contingency actions were taken, but significant data loss still resulted. The details of the losses are as follows:

Start Time                       End Time                       Duration

2011-064-14:22:16      2011-064-14:22:26      00:00:10
2011-064-14:59:57      2011-064-16:06:14       01:06:17
2011-064-16:07:01      2011-064-16:07:11      00:00:10
2011-064-16:13:09      2011-064-16:27:01      00:13:52
2011-064-18:09:23      2011-064-18:25:14       00:15:51

Limited Life Item Status:

SRCA 10W Lamp #1: 296.8 of 500 hours
SRCA 10W Lamp #2: 172.1 of 500 hours
SRCA 10W Lamp #3: 190.3 of 500 hours
SRCA 10W Lamp #4: 99.5 of 500 hours

SRCA 1W Lamp #1: 581.0 of 4000 hours
SRCA 1W Lamp #2: 282.0 of 4000 hours

Solar Diffuser Door: 2146 of 3022 Movements
Nadir Aperture Door: 540 of 1316 Movements
Space View Door: 443 of 1316 Movements