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MODIS Science Team Calibration Breakout Session, January 4, 2006 - Baltimore, MD


An Overview of MODIS On-orbit Performance PDF (1.2 MB)

Analysis of MODIS - MISR Cross-Calibration (A. Lyapustin) PPT (707.5 KB)

MODIS LWIR CO2 Band Radiometric Performance (C. Moeller) PPT (7.8 MB)

MCST - MODLAND (E. Vermote) PPT (581 KB)

MODIS Aqua PSF (Point Spread Function) (G. Meister) PPT (426 KB)


Improving Reflectance Retrieval: Methodology and Results ( S. Biggar, K. Thome, and J. Dobler) PDF (8.1 MB)

Analysis of MODIS-MISR Calibration Difference over Land (A. Lyapustin, Y. Wang) PPT

Link to MODIS Website: MODIS Science Team Calibration Breakout Session