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MODIS Science Team Calibration Breakout Session, November 1, 2006 - College Park, MD

Presentation Challenging Issues and Future Work

  • Instrument Status (B. Breen) Level 1B and LUT Updates (J. Kuyper)
  • RSB Calibration Performance (X. Xie)
  • TEB Calibration Performance (B. Wenny)

Validation of Sea-Surface Temperatures from MODIS (P. Minnett) PDF (3 MB)

LWIR Band Radiometric Performance (C. Moeller) PDF (1.1 MB)

Analysis of Image Striping Due to Polarization Correction Artifacts in MODIS Aqua Ocean Scenes (G. Meister) PDF (1.4 MB)

In-Flight Cross Validation of Mid and Thermal Infrared Remotely Sensed Data from MODIS and ASTER Using the Lake Tahoe Automated Validation Site (S. Hook)


Vicarious Calibration of Aqua and Terra MODIS PDF
(K. Thome, J. McCorkel, S. Biggar, J. Buchanan, N. Leisso)

Uncertainty Analysis of Terra MODIS On-Orbit Spectral Characterization
(Yong Xie, Jack Xiong, John J Qu, Nianzeng Che)

MODIS On-Orbit Spatial Characterization Results Using Ground Measurements
(Yong Xie, Jack Xiong, John J Qu, Nianzeng Che, Lingli Wang) PDF (582.4 KB)

Assessing MODIS CO2-Sensitive LWIR Band Calibration Accuracy
(Chris Moeller, Dave Tobin, Jack Xiong, Simon Hook) PDF (1.1 MB)

Link to MODIS Website page of the Calibration Breakout MeetingChallenging Issues and Future Work