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MODIS Science Team Poster Session, July 15, 2004 - Baltimore, MD


Instrument Calibration and Performance Status PPT (3.0 MB) | PDF (2.8 MB)


Vicarious Calibration of Aqua and Terra MODIS (Kurt Thome) PDF (1.8 MB)

MODIS Thermal Emissive Band On-orbit Calibration (MCST) PDF (2 MB)

MODIS Reflective Solar Band On-orbit Calibration (MCST) PDF (669.2 KB)

Radiance Calibration of MODIS and MISR in the Visible and Near Infrared (Stuart Biggar) PDF (2.1 MB)

MODIS geolocation Status (Robert Wolfe, Mash Nishihama, and James Kuyper) PPT (1 MB)

Link to MODIS Website: MODIS Science Team Poster Session