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Terra band 10 EV-based RVS

Submitted by aangal on

Terra band 10 EV-based RVS: The EV-based m1 and RVS algorithm currently used for bands 8 & 9 was extended to band 10. A special LUT was delivered to OBPG for testing. The results demonstrated that the LUT produced very similar results to the correction applied by OBPG. It was recommended that the new band 10 approach be implemented in the official Collection 6 LUT. A new LUT was delivered containing this update ( prior to the start of an OBPG reprocessing. MCST will begin a similar implementation in the forward C6 to eventually synchronize the OBPG and forward C6 LUTs. To avoid any sudden jumps or discontinuities for band 10 products, a gradual implementation of the updated LUT will occur over the next 4-6 months. More information can be found here: