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Terra MODIS Data Loss

Submitted by bwenny on

Non-recoverable data loss for Terra on DOY 132 (05/11/12) from 13:47:16 - 21:56:14.

Description of the Loss:
On DOY 132 it was discovered that beginning at 13:47:16 all MODIS data downlinked through K-band as well as Direct Broadcast services could not be processed due to an issue with science packet content. MODIS data channels on the SFE are believed to be the cause of this anomaly. All other science and housekeeping data was unaffected during this time. There were no indications in spacecraft telemetry of any issues with MODIS, the SFE, or in received data quality. All CADUs during the anomaly period were successfully retrieved. At approximately 21:52 an attempt to reset the inputs to the SFE was made by turning off the outputs from the SFE to the SSR and the DB, and then turning them back on. This reset attempt was successful. However, all MODIS data between the period 13:47:16 and 21:56:14 was unrecoverable.