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MODIS/Terra and MODIS/Aqua Collection 6 Level 1, Cloud Mask and Atmospheric Profile Products have been released and can be downloaded from the LAADS website. Please refer the for additional details

Non-recoverable data loss for Terra on DOY 132 (05/11/12) from 13:47:16 - 21:56:14.

The Terra lunar roll was successfully executed on DOY 131 (May 10, 2012).
The low fidelity times for the maneuver are 131/00:42:00-02:30:27

The Aqua lunar roll was successfully executed on DOY 123 (May 2, 2012).
Loss of pointing accuracy times are 2012/123-6:10:52 -6:35:44.

Aqua successfully performed Inclination Adjust Maneuver (IAM #33) on DOY 122 - May 1, 2012.
Loss of pointing accuracy times are 2012/122-15:11:29-15:57:49.

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MODIS Characterization Support Team

MCST is dedicated to the production of a high quality MODIS calibration product. This product is a precursor to every geophysical science product. MCST works for the Science Team Leader and is responsible for developing and maintaining the calibration product (L1B algorithm).


Collection 6 has been under development for a number of years. MCST, in consultation with representatives of the science disciplines, developed improvements to the calibration algorithms and methodolgies to handle known issues with the aging MODIS sensors. Summary talks of the proposed Collection 6 changes have been delivered at the MODIS science team meetings over the last few years.


Current L1B LUT Versions:

Terra C6:; Terra C6.1:; Aqua C6:; Aqua C6.1: