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MODIS Calibration Workshop January 30, 2008 - Lanham, MD


Level 1B and LUT Updates (J. Kuyper)

On-orbit Calibration and Characterization

  • RSB Calibration Performance (J. Sun)
  • TEB Calibration Performance (B. Wenny)
  • Spatial and Spectral Characterization (J. Choi and J. Xiong)

Challenging Issues (J. Xiong and A. Wu)

Summary Future Work for Collection 6 (J. Xiong)

MODIS Geolocation Status (R. Wolfe) PDF(709 KB)

MODIS L1B Radiometric Assessment: A0=0 for all TEB (C. Moeller) PDF (1.3 MB)

MODIS Aqua SST Residuals (B. Evans) PDF (64 KB)

MODIS Terra Cross-calibration for Ocean Color Bands (E. Kwiatkowska) PDF (805 KB)

Polarization Effect at 412nm Depending on Mirror Side for Terra band 8 (E. Vermote) PDF (1.2 MB)