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MODIS Calibration Workshop May 13, 2008 - Linthicum, MD

Instrument and Performance Status Updates

Introduction and Instrument status: Jack Xiong

  • IOT Status: Roy Yi
  • L1B Status: James Kuyper
  • TEB Status: Aisheng Wu
  • RSB Status: Hongda Chen

Spatial/Spectral Status: Jason Choi & Jack Xiong

Intro + Proposed QA & TEB Changes: Brian Wenny

Proposed RSB Changes: Junqiang Sun
MCST Breakout (link to Goddard pages)

MODIS Collection 6 MCST Proposed Changes to L1B PDF | (13.1 MB)

Science Discipline Presentations

Geometric Calibration Status: Robert Wolfe
MODIS Geolocation Status PDF | (2.4 MB)

Chris Moeller
AIRS – MODIS TEB Global Comparisons  PDF | (2.4 MB)

Eric Vermote
Terra/Aqua band 1 and 2 calibration evaluation over Libyan desert site PDF | (88 KB)

Ewa Kwiatkowska
MODIS-Terra cross-calibration for ocean color bands PDF | (780 KB)

Special Issues: Jack Xiong

Summary & Action Items: Jack Xiong & All